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2008 USA Rugby Super League Playoff Pick Em’

O.K., so this website doesn’t allow me a way to put a downloadable document inside of a posting. Either that or I’m just not seeing the way. Oh well, we’ll move on anyways. Just like when you fill out your NCAA bracket in March, make your picks and email them to me. A quarterfinal correct pick is worth 1 point, a semi final correct pick is worth 2 points, and a pick the winner of the RSL Championship and you get 3 points. For tie breakers, please give me your predicted final score of the Championship Match. The person with the most points wins. Easy as that.

RSL Quarterfinals May 17th, 2008
Match 1: SFGG (7) at NYAC (1)
Match 2: Denver (5) at Charlotte (4)
Match 3: Boston Irish Wolfhounds (6) at Belmont Shore (3)
Match 4: Chicago Lions (8) @ Boston (2)

RSL Semi Finals May 24th, 2008
Match 5: Winner of Match 1 vrs. Winner of Match 2
Match 6: Winner of Match 3 vrs. Winner of Match 4

RSL Championship May 31st, 2008
Match 7: Winner of Match 5 vrs. Winner of Match 6

There you have it. I would have preferred to have it drawn out in a bracket, but it was not to be. If it makes you feel better, you can submit them to me in bracket form or just copy what I have here and put in your picks. I’ll take submissions until Thursday night at midnight. Why Thursday and not Friday? I plan on making my own playoff predictions with my Playoff Preview on Friday and I don’t want anyone copying me.

I will post the winner’s name at the conclusion of the playoffs. We’ve got alot of fans out there that frequent our website. Take a couple minutes and make some picks for fun. It doesn’t cost a thing.


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