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Sneaking in a Post

Almost a week off from the blog and I’m trying to find some time to do some writing. Let’s see… what has happened since my last post? Well, nothing everyone doesn’t already know about. I was shocked to see the West Falcons lose by such a large margin. The wheels really fell off the wagon during that match. Just as surprisingly, the East Hawks rallied the troops and laid the smack down on Canada East. The video problems through the NA4 website continued, so I gave up early this time around. Hopefully the feed coming out of Glendale will be better. It would have been nice if they could have at least gotten the finals on ESPN or Satanta.

On a side note, is it just me or has everyone already stopped calling the Falcons and Hawks by their given West & East monikers? Everywhere I go to read an article, it’s just the same old USA Falcons and USA Hawks. If you’re going to try to give the clubs some sort of base, then why would you stop calling them by the names you just gave them? Another headscratcher for me I guess.

Aside from the “East” Hawks rebound, another bright spot was the All Americans win over Massey in New Zealand. A very good result and not that it matters, but the ever amusing duo over at the Rugby Roundtable predicted that the All Americans would be skunked. Of course, they’re both Kiwi’s so I expected nothing less. Hopefully they’ll at least note it in their next podcast. The All American’s take on Wellington Old Boys next in what should be another tough test.

I’ve got a couple other story ideas brewing, so stay tuned. Once I get a little bit of time, I’ll get to cracking on them.

Until then… thanks for stopping by.


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This entry was posted on July 22, 2008 by in Editorials.

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