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Sneak Peak at the New USA Rugby Website

USA Rugby threw up a splash page over the Winter hinting at a new look and design for their much maligned and cumbersome website. With a “Coming Spring 2010” tagline, we are all still left waiting for the launch of the bigger and better USA Rugby website.

But, here’s your chance to get a sneak peek at the website. This link suspiciously turned up in my referrals when I was checking out Rugby America stats from yesterday. Having never seen this link before I clicked on it. To my surprise, lo and behold there was the new USA Rugby website.

Still wondering how and why USA Rugby linked to me, I started clicking on everything in sight. In the sponsor banner at the bottom of the page are logos of from their various sponsors. One of which is Grand Prix Rugby, a project which I covered in multiple articles here at Rugby America. It was that particular link that led the way to my site. I’m not really sure why, as I am in no way affiliated with the venture, other than the fact that I’ve covered the project more extensively than other rugby news sites.

One thing missing from the site that I was really hoping to see was some sort of scoreboard system where members from all levels of the game could login and post their scores and stats from their games. Maybe it’s asking too much, but it can’t be that difficult. I’ve seen beer league baseball websites that have the function.

By the look of the site, they still have work to do before it’s ready for launch. Digging around a little bit more I found a task spreadsheet on the project. If it was up to date, then it looks like they are at least two weeks from launch. For now, it’ll give you a glimpse of what is in store.

Get it while it’s hot. Once they start getting a bunch of hits, they may take the link down.

Check it out here.


4 comments on “Sneak Peak at the New USA Rugby Website

  1. Matt DeBarr
    July 2, 2010

    Looks good. Lets just hope its more user friendly than their current site when they finish it. I like the idea of rotating scoreboard and I agree it shouldnt be too hard to create. Good idea.

  2. Shaun Shepard
    July 13, 2010

    I’m personally disappointed with what I see. The only things it addresses that was a problem at the old site is the navigation (even that’s not much better) and the how professional looking it is. I see none of the features I would have expected a newly created modern sports website of this caliber to have.

  3. Charles Schulz
    July 28, 2010

    I don’t think we can expect much from USA Rugby……………… well in general but, specifically for the launch of this life-changing website.

    If your organization can hardly construct a freshman year journalism press release, I’d say web page development by USAR has every right to be in the 20 year long term plan.

    What has it been, like 3 years since they said they were getting a new site and about 5 since they said it will be “up in 2 weeks”? I think if you’re expecting a new look and a few bells and whistles that seem flashy while the overall functionality of the site is seriously lacking, then you are on the mark.

    It’s obvious from previous sites that there are no web people (or marketing people for that matter) at USAR because if there were, they would take a serious look at what they NEED rather than what they think “looks cool”. Making it a functional site that their constituency can reference and get excited about is like asking NM to lead the organization in a positive direction which = Not gonna happen, America.

    I look forward to shuffling through the endless links on the new site which will no doubt point to sites hosted individually by teams simply because USAR is too lazy to post content themselves. Can I get a what, what from Youth and High School and the WNT?

    Two website “looks” in 5 years doesn’t fool the rugby public into thinking you are dynamic and hip, it says “we couldn’t get our sh*&# right the first two times” ….get it together over there NM.

    • snoopy
      July 28, 2010

      well said chuck,

      just admire the re-skin ’cause that’s what really counts. content and functionality are so over-rated.

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