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Inside Sevens Uncovered: Can Sevens Pay The Mortgage?

In the IRB’s third installment of their Inside Sevens Uncovered series, the team asks the burning question in the minds of players and fans across the globe… Can sevens pay the bills?

The answers is absolutely yes, but not just yet for everyone. The big names on the series… England, New Zealand, South Africa have all began to contract players at a decent living wage. While at the same time, many great teams like Samoa and Fiji as well as up and comers like the USA are still working through to reach the point where players can make a good living off of sevens.

USA Head Coach Al Caravelli sums it up excellently in the video with Team USA’s philosophy on professionalism being more than just having a paycheck.

Realistically, to keep up with the top five teams on the World Series, the USA needs contracted players and that time may come sooner rather than later.



One comment on “Inside Sevens Uncovered: Can Sevens Pay The Mortgage?

  1. Voice of reason
    February 3, 2011

    If we stopped paying the CEO and 15th coach a combined half-million dollars, and hire CEO at $100K and 15th coach at $100K, we could spend the remaining $300 on central contracts for 10 7s players at $30K per year – not lavish, but enough to survive and be a full-time professional player!

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