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BYU Shuts Out Penn State

The BYU Cougars ran up a tally of 10 tries against the Nittany Lions of Penn State and ran away with a 64-0 victory today at the Las Vegas Invitational.

BYU showed signs of brilliance at times with two of the ten tries being scored from over 90 meters out, but at other times the effort didn’t quite match the execution.

“It was a bit sloppy out there,” said BYU head coach David Smyth.

“Part of that was Penn State’s physicality, but some of it was our over eagerness. We just tried to force the issue. Our effort was great and it’s still early in the season, so some of that stuff will work itself out as we keep working through the season and build some continuity.”

In total the Cougars gave up a season high of 29 turn overs, but were able to keep the Nittany Lions out of the end zone and off the score board through stout scrambling defense.

Penn State had opportunities to nullify the scoreline goose-egg, with two close penalty goals missing their mark in the 20th and 22nd minutes. But the chances to get inside the Cougars 22 meter line were few and far between for PSU as the Nittany Lions knocked on the tryline’s door only 4 times and each time were repelled.

BYU’s scoring started in the 1st minute off the kick off as freshman center Jared Whippy stepped his defender to put his twin brother, and fellow freshman center Josh Whippy, away for an 80 meter try.

In total Jared and Josh would score two times each on the day along with junior flyhalf Dylan Lubbe who managed the game well with his boot and distribution skills.

At full time seven different Cougars visited the endzone and the Cougars would walk away with a confident, but “what could-have-been” 64-0 win.

BYU now will ready for the Mustangs of Cal Poly SLO Saturday at 10am local time on Field 1.

BYU Lineup vs. Penn State

  1. Mikey Su’a
  2. Ishmael Tilialo
  3. Ray Forrester
  4. Mark Bonham
  5. Viliami Vimahi
  6. Braden Bair
  7. Hynie Leaatoa
  8. Ryan Roundy (c)
  9. Shaun Davies
  10. Dylan Lubbe
  11. Lokahi Vuikadavu
  12. Jared Whippy
  13. Josh Whippy
  14. Alex Hill
  15. Andrew Harrison

BYU (64)
Tries: Jo. Whippy 1′, 33′; Roundy 6′; Lubbe 12′, 42′; Ja. Whippy 35′, 62′; Hill 52′; Malani 65′; Nicols 68′
Conversions: Davies 7/10

PSU (0)
Penalties: PSU 0/2


4 comments on “BYU Shuts Out Penn State

  1. Premier???
    February 12, 2011

    Not sure what is so premier about the CPL. You have 4 to 6 teams that are a mile apart from the rest, and you have at least 10 dogs at the bottom that are simply rubbish compared to the top. The middle has some decent sides, but never will beat the top 6 which is really the story about this score. CPL is a joke.

  2. CPL Dream Is DOA
    February 12, 2011

    I have to agree with the post above. Look at the teams on the bottom of the CPL compared to the top, and you have to figure the organizers bit off more than they can chew. Cal / BYU run riot on other CPL teams, while Claremont can’t even meet match commitments because they don’t have front row players after 3 pre-season games. ND, Ohio, Arizona State, Rutgers, Wyoming and a few others are just chum for the top 5 or 6 teams. Should have had an eight or ten team league of real quality. The rest are just D1 clubs…some like D2.

  3. What's your point?
    February 13, 2011

    What good comes from crapping on the CPL? People criticizing the “premier”-ness of the league are out of their minds. Yea there are some duds, but it is also the best leagues ever put together in the college game. It is the best this country could do.

    If you are looking for someone to crap on, crap on PSU and their coach, Don Ferrell. Here we have a program that is top 5 in resources (2 paid positions, access to varsity facilities, training staff, admissions spots, and a ton of alumni support) and yet they have gone DOWNHILL since all of that happened. They need to be called out for not becoming the program and true national championship competitor they should be.

    • Anonymous
      February 15, 2011

      Dude, are you posting S**t on Don Ferrell on all blogs ? you overrate the alumni support and facilities, but they are not on the level of Cal and BYU, and frankly probably never will be..with or w/o Ferrell

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