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Alabama Joins List of SBRO’s

Article courtesy of USA Rugby with additional content by Ted Hardy

USA Rugby is pleased to announce that Rugby Alabama has been approved as a Level 1 State-Based Rugby Organization (SBRO).  The organization applied for SBRO status last Tuesday March 15th and was approved by the USA Rugby Youth and High School Department yesterday.

The department reviewed Rugby Alabama’s organizational goals, challenges, volunteer base, support from other local rugby organizations such as Local Area Unions (LAUs), and other factors before they approved the application.

“Alabama is an organized group that has great support from their LAU.  They’ve got good plans and goals in place for moving forward,” said Youth Development Manager Erin Kennedy.

Alabama has been introducing Rookie Rugby, the non-contact version of rugby, to physical education classes throughout the state and are working to get Rookie Rugby included in the Alabama middle school P.E. curriculum.

The SBRO structure has been a contributor the enormous growth in youth rugby over the last two years, exposing over 350,000 American children and teens to the game. As rugby continues to grow at the youth and high school level in the coming years, the SBRO’s will be relied upon even more heavily to foster the growth of the sport in their states.

Currently, USA Rugby ranks their SBRO’s on four levels with Level 4 being the highest operational level.

SBRO Levels

  • Level 4 – Fully Sanctioned SBRO
  • Level 3 – Functioning SBRO
  • Level 2 – Developing SBRO
  • Level 1 – Emerging SBRO

Alabama becomes the 28th SBRO formed and joins the following SBRO’s that are sanctioned by USA Rugby:

Level 4 SBRO’s

  • Rugby Ohio
  • Rugby Oregon

Level 3 SBRO’s

  • Southern California Youth Rugby
  • Northern California Youth Rugby Association
  • Rugby Colorado
  • Florida Youth Rugby (FYR)
  • Hawaii Youth Rugby (HYR)
  • Illinois Youth Rugby Association (iYRA)
  • Rugby Indiana
  • Nebraska Youth Rugby Association (NYRA)
  • North Carolina Youth Rugby (NCYR)
  • Tennessee High School Rugby (THSR)
  • Rugby Texas
  • Utah Youth Rugby
  • Rugby Virginia
  • Washington State

Level 2 SBRO’s

  • Connecticut Rugby Union
  • Minnesota Amateur Rugby Foundation
  • Rugby New Mexico
  • Rugby Oklahoma

Level 1 SBRO’s

  • Rugby Alabama
  • Arizona Youth Rugby
  • Iowa High School Rugby Associantion, Inc.
  • Massachusetts Youth Rugby Organization (MYRO)
  • New Hampshire – Maine Youth Rugby Union Inc.
  • New York State
  • South Carolina Youth Rugby (SCYR)
  • Vermont Youth Rugby Association (VYRA)

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