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Southeastern Collegiate Rugby Conference Releases 2012 Schedule

by Ted Hardy

One of the most heralded newcomers to the Division I restructure party is the Southeastern Collegiate Rugby Conference (SCRC). Made up of teams from the SEC, the SCRC will begin play next Spring with eleven teams in tow.

Founding members Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, and South Carolina are joined by Kentucky, Vanderbilt, Louisiana State, Alabama, Mississippi State, Auburn, and Ole Miss. Of the twelve teams that make up the NCAA’s Southeastern Conference, only Arkansas is missing from the SCRC.

Following along the lines of their NCAA brethren, the SCRC has split the conference into two groups with Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, Vanderbilt, Kentucky and South Carolina in one group and LSU, Mississippi State, Ole Miss, Auburn, and Alabama in the other. Each team plays every team in their group once and has one game against an opponent in the other group.

The 2012 SCRC schedule is set to kick off February 4th and runs through March 31st. The SCRC playoffs follow on April 14-15th with the conference champion moving onto to play in the Division I Playoffs.

2012 SCRC Schedule

February 4th

  • Kentucky at South Carolina
  • Florida at Georgia
  • Vanderbilt at Tennessee
  • LSU at Alabama
  • Mississippi State at Ole Miss

February 11th

  • South Carolina at LSU
  • Tennessee at Florida
  • Georgia at Kentucky
  • Auburn at Ole Miss
  • Mississippi State at Alabama

February 18th

  • Tennessee at South Carolina
  • Vanderbilt at Florida
  • Kentucky at Mississippi State
  • Auburn at Alabama

February 25th

  • South Carolina at Georgia
  • Florida at Kentucky
  • Ole Miss at Vanderbilt
  • Alabama at Tennessee
  • LSU at Auburn

March 3rd

  • Georgia at Auburn
  • Tennessee at Kentucky
  • Mississippi State at LSU
  • Alabama at Ole Miss

March 17th

  • South Carolina at Vanderbilt
  • LSU at Florida

March 24th

  • Florida at South Carolina
  • Vanderbilt at Georgia
  • Ole Miss at LSU
  • Auburn at Mississippi State

March 31st

  • Georgia at Tennessee
  • Kentucky at Vanderbilt
  • Ole Miss at Mississippi State
  • Alabama at Auburn

April 14-15

  • SCRC Playoffs

18 comments on “Southeastern Collegiate Rugby Conference Releases 2012 Schedule

  1. richard
    June 29, 2011

    does this mean LSU is leaving the Premier Division?

  2. College coach
    June 29, 2011

    Yep – and UT as well.
    Can’t say I blame them…

  3. Clay
    June 29, 2011

    I think the CPD should look into inviting the SEC to join the CPD, with their top teams competing in the CPD and their lower tier teams competing in D1. And they could still have inter-conference play to fill out a full schedule. That brand is too strong to let go and probably 6 of those teams could play in the CPD anyway. Florida, Tenn, LSU for sure and Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama and maybe Vandy wouldn’t be too bad either. But just like every conference, you’ll have your better teams and the not so good teams, same could be done with SEC. Top 6 go to CPD, bottom 6 go to D1.

  4. College Fan
    June 29, 2011

    This is a logical move by UT and LSU. They’ll get more out of the SEC comp than they ever would out of the CPD. This should certainly help raise the profile of rugby on the campus of the schools involved.

    Although Clay’s idea isn’t bad. The only problem with that is the CPD needs to place Life and Arkansas State now that the Mid-South is falling apart at the seams. They’d probably want to wedge them into the SEC which would ruin the whole concept of creating the SEC rugby comp.

    • Clay
      June 29, 2011

      College – What about putting Ark State and Life in with Oklahoma, Texas A&M, and then bring in Kansas State (played well in D1 last year) and Texas (another big brand name that played well at CRC.. and yes I know that doesnt translate to 15’s… just saying) So you could have Southeast conference and a Southwest conference.

      I know most will say only 8 to 10 teams are needed for CPD… But financially thats not going to fly. So they either need to expand a bit going from 31 to maybe 36 teams with 6 conferences… or in my opinion the league should just fold and go back to D1. I dont see how this will work with 10 teams… or even up to 20 teams for that matter.

      Such a shame that this might be ending as quickly as it did. especially coming off one of the greatest college finals ever played, and it was in front of the biggest collegiate rugby audience since probably the 1920’s. I hope they figure something out.

  5. Rugby America
    June 29, 2011

    While I bear no ill will towards the CPD, I am 100% in favor of the move UT and LSU made. Timing may ultimately be the CPD’s downfall. While it came off quite well, it was launched in haste at a time when USA Rugby was about to unleash the collegiate restructure plan.

    Had they waited a year to start the CPD, it would have certainly looked far different… or maybe not happened at all????

    Now with the D1 restructure picking up steam, there are more attractive conference alignments/options in Division I from which to choose. It is also a big bonus that ownership of these new conferences is in the hands of the team involved and not USA Rugby as with the CPD.

    If it weren’t for the restructure, things could have been very different for the CPD. I’d be willing to bet that most of the teams that dropped would still be in and there would be even more teams clamoring to get in.

    It is unfortunate, because it would have been cool to see how the CPD developed in the coming years, but I’m far more interested in seeing how the new conferences (SCRC, ACRL, SWRC, Ivy, NCRC, and others) look in the next 5-10 years.

    • Catch-22
      June 29, 2011

      It was the CPD that actually was the catalyst for the college restructure. The creation of the CPD allowed for the creation of the new D1. Now the teams that are better served by playing in the new D1 structure are leaving the CPD and joining D1. The CPD should remain in existence for the teams that are in another stratosphere (Cal, BYU, Ark. St., Life, Davenport, soon to be Lindenwood) while the new D1 and D2 helps raise the level of play for everyone else.

    • College coach
      June 29, 2011

      Totally agree with most of what you write Ted.

      However, if the CPD had not happened then very few of these conferences would have been started. I first heard of the CPD in a league meeting, when several teams said, “We’re joining a new college premier league.” Teams like mine from a traditional conference school, said, “Great, lets now do what we have always wanted to do, and form our own league.”

      Thats why there are many of us in the new conferences who want the CPD to work and continue. There has to be a place for the elite teams, or those that have no competitive conference to play in. Without the the CPD I doubt we would be where we are now.

  6. ha
    June 29, 2011

    Davenport is hardly in “another stratosphere” Please. They barely made nationals in the 1st place after narrowly beating IU. They are a great team and a very worthy D1 champion, but let’s not get crazy

    • Catch-22
      June 29, 2011

      They’ve been in existence for what, 3 years? and they’ve already won a D1 national championship. Any program that is fully varsity and offering scholarships is in another stratosphere. The combination of being able to train every day with varsity coaches and the ability to force the kids to do whatever you ask of them because you are paying for their college education cannot be underestimated. Lindenwood will be there very soon as well.

  7. Banjo
    June 29, 2011

    UT @ Florida stands out, then the play-offs which will be Florida, UT and LSU.

    If there is a second spot to dished out for nationals, I think the SCRC will be in the running for sure.

    Davenport need to now go and play in the CPD – D1 should be for teams without a Golden spoon!

  8. another college coach
    June 29, 2011

    Putting Life and Ark St in the SEC won’t happen because it destroys the whole point of the conference which is to get the cachet and marketability of the SEC in the minds of the campuses, public and potential sponsors. Besides Ark state wanted in and were not voted in, even if it was their reserves, for the above reason. These conferences control their membership.I agree that the varsity programs should be in a separate league as it is impossible for college club teams to compete with the Cals, Ark states and other who have all the resources. LSU, TN made the right choice because of travel costs and a more natural fit and it should be a competitive league in the East particularly as Vols, Florida are strong and don’t discount South Carolina and Georgia.

    • Clay
      June 30, 2011

      another college coach –

      Do you think the SEC would be willing to split its conference? top 6 teams head to CPD and hte bottom 6 compete in D1?

      You could move Ark State and Life in with Oklahoma, Texas A&M, and then bring in maybe Kansas State and Texas. Or maybe you have them be independents and they could play non-conference games against 1 or 2 SEC schools and 1 or 2 against some Big 12 schools. I really hate to see the SEC not involved in the CPD. Its such a good brand. Maybe you expand just a little. Keep 30 of the CPD teams in with a realignment strategy, while letting Dartmouth go to the Ivy League. You could have the SEC, Pac12, BigTen (or Big North with Notre Dame), Big12, West & East. and then the Ark State’s and Life U’s, Davenports…etc can be independents. Each independent would need to play 5 games against other CPD teams to be eligible for playoffs and all teams would need to play a total of 7 games. So this way each conference will not only play their confe minimum. But maybe Life and Florida would play a non-conference game. Ark State vs Oklahoma…etc. Im sure it would take some more tinkering, but here’s my realignment idea… (and yes… Im bored at work)

      SEC (top 6 teams)
      South Carolina
      Tennessee – CPD
      LSU – CPD

      West (This is pretty much already a conference, just moving Cal out)
      Cal Poly – Already CPD
      C Washington – CPD
      Claremont – CPD
      San Diego State – CPD
      St Mary’s – CPD
      UC Davis – CPD

      PAC 12 (Top 6 from the new PAC 12)
      Cal – CPD
      UCLA – CPD
      Arizona – CPD
      AZ State – CPD
      Utah – CPD
      BYU – CPD

      Big Ten (Top 6 teams or Big North w/Notre Dame)
      Notre Dame – CPD
      Ohio State – CPD
      Penn State – CPD

      Big 12 ( Top 6 teams)
      Oklahoma – CPD
      Texas A&M – CPD
      Kansas State
      Colorado – CPD
      Colorado State – CPD

      East (add one additional team in Syracuse or Penn State comes here, and BGSU moves to Big North)
      Army – CPD
      Navy – CPD
      Rutgers – CPD
      Delaware – CPD
      Kutztown – CPD

      Independents (Play against eachother and then schedule games against other close CPD teams)
      Ark State – CPD
      Bowling Green
      Life – CPD
      Airforce – CPD
      Wyoming – CPD

      Then you take the winner of each conference (6 teams) – plus additional team from conferences (BYU or Cal more than likely) and then 1 independent)


      1st round

      Pac 12 – Cal
      West – St Mary’s

      Big 12 – Colorado
      Pac 12 (#2) BYU

      SEC – LSU
      Independent – Life

      Big North – Penn State
      East – Army

      If they get a sponsor then you can switch up the playoffs and do home and away.

      2nd Round

      Cal vs Army
      Life vs BYU

      Cal vs BYU

      Maybe if you get a big enough sponsor you can take 2 from each conference and 2 independents. But those are all very marketable conferences wtih some good rugby teams. Like I said… Im bored at work.

      • benito
        July 1, 2011

        If you wanted to include SEC teams, LSU/Tennessee/Florida are the top 3 teams right now, why not propose the SEC Champion goes to the CPD playoffs, the runner-up to Division 1 playoffs. And then 3rd and 4th could participate in the Post-season crossover with the ACRL. This would be the Bowl Game that the SEC/ACRL are trying to organize.

        Basically, the SEC is organizing this conference so that they can attempt to mitigate costs while playing traditional rivals. And in some cases, play top level competition (the aforementioned LSU, Tennessee).

        Clay, I like your ideas, only trying to throw in my two cents. I like the CPD, but truly see the Conferences as the way to go. In the long run, if Rugby grows, traditional conferences will pick up the sport.

  9. Banjo
    June 30, 2011

    Get a job, you have far much time on your hands!

  10. Clay
    June 30, 2011

    I know… hahaha

  11. nc rugby player
    July 1, 2011

    Im not really sure I understand why everyone sort of discredits the other teams in the SCRC that arent LSU, Tenn, or UGA. Those are all great teams but lets think about Auburn and Vandy and Bama for a second. This past matrix season both teams rose to the occasion and made a name for their clubs. I think they are just as worthy of being in this division as all the other teams.

    One of my close friends plays for Auburn and I watched that club do a complete 180 from fall to spring. Including a 33-0 win over Tenn B-side.

    • smart rugger
      August 23, 2011

      NC rugby player: The very fact that Auburn beat a team comprised mostly of freshmen from UT last year does not really mean anything. This next year’s competition in the SEC will comprise of UT and LSU competing for the championship to represent the SEC in the DI National Championship. Any illusions of Auburn, Vandy, or Bama competing are simply that…illusions.

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