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Super League Confirms Loss of Chicago Lions

The Rugby Super League (RSL) has received confirmation from the Chicago Lions that they will no longer be participating in the RSL. The RSL regrets that the Chicago Lions have decided not to participate in the 2012 season, and instead will be competing in the Midwest D1 Men’s League.
The Lions feel that they cannot continue to field multiple teams, due to a recent Midwest rule change which now excludes those players who had started 2 or more RSL games, or who had played in 3 RSL games last spring from playing D1 rugby this fall.
Neither the Lions, nor the RSL were given advanced notice of this rule change, and RSL teams had no way of managing their squad last spring to prepare for this rule change.
It is most unfortunate that the Midwest has retroactively enacted a new rule change that unfairly targets developing RSL players. Prior to this new ruling RSL teams were allowed to play no more than 7 RSL players from the previous season in any D1 game.
The RSL is disappointed that these new rules were enacted 3 weeks prior to the start of the Midwest’s Fall D1 Men’s season, and that they have forced the Lions to make a decision that determines their future with such little notice.
The Lions are one of the founding members of the Rugby Super League, and will surely be missed from the competition. The RSL would like to thank the Chicago Lions for their outstanding service and dedication to the league over these past 15 years and wish them every success participating in D1.


3 comments on “Super League Confirms Loss of Chicago Lions

  1. Clay
    September 1, 2011

    These Unions are a f#$%ing joke. Why in the hell would you want to keep people from playing more rugby. And even if this rule did make sense, why wouldn’t you give teams over a year to comply to this bull shit? How were they supposed to know this last spring? Idiotic.

  2. Andrew Gilbert
    September 3, 2011

    I’m with Clay on this one. This is just another reason that our highest levels of rugby are not progressing at the pace of other nations. I don’t see why you wouldn’t want to develop more RSL players through being moved up for a few weeks. It’s not like they are dropping players down to DIII just to win some games. Moving players across the two highest divisions would work to raise the level the of competition and game experience. We should take a cue from other nations and how they structure their club selections…sigh.

  3. nicolas sarabia
    September 3, 2011

    i say just blow up the darn rsl. its a joke and there’s no passion behind it. i say blow it up and restart. invite back those who have proven to be fully committed to the rsl and invite others who want to part of something new with rugby in America. go out there and work for those dollars and get this professionalized already.

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