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Keep Moving Forward

by Ted Hardy

“Keep Moving Forward”

That phrase has been one that I have continually told myself over the past 4-5 years. It’s also one that I shamelessly ripped off from the movie Meet the Robinson’s. It means a lot to me and it is something that helped get me through some really tough times as I was juggling family, work, and returning to school full-time. Even as I have achieved some of my goals, I continue to use that same phrase to keep me from getting too complacent.

This motto is something that I returned to multiple times over the last couple of weeks as a new opportunity was placed before me. For fans that have been with me from the beginning, you know that I have tried multiple times to shift Rugby America from a blog into a full-blown website. It is my White Buffalo.

I’ve tried twice in fact. The first time lasted about six months and the second try lasted about a year. I really loved the second attempt. It looked great and hits went through the roof once it was rolling.

Sadly, it was just too much for one person. When I made my second attempt, I tried to lure others to my cause because I knew it would only last so long going at it by myself again. I had been there before and knew how it would end if I couldn’t get help. Unfortunately, I was unable to build a stable of writers that could do justice to the American rugby scene. There were points where I thought it was going to happen, but for whatever reason, it didn’t work out.

“Keep Moving Forward,” I told myself as Rugby America slipped back into the world of Blogdom. It worked out well though. Having the blog type setup allowed me to not feel as bad when I went on hiatus this past summer while my family relocated. That could have never happened if I was running a full-on website.

Happily back to writing, it was that same phrase that immediately came to mind when I was approached a couple of weeks ago with a proposal. I was being asked about a merger of sorts by someone who reminded me of myself just a couple short years ago. Here was someone who was in the same position as me not that long ago. Working hard at building his blog, but knowing deep down inside that a blog was only going to go so far. The American rugby community deserves more.

My thoughts then moved to Rugby America and what I had built over the past five years. Was I prepared to move on and join forces with someone else? Then it hit me again.

“Keep Moving Forward”

So, it is with my great pleasure to announce that effective today I will be joining This Is American Rugby on a great rugby adventure. In the coming weeks and months, TIAR will be upgrading to a full website and rolling out a variety of features. With a small, but growing group of writers providing daily content, TIAR will hopefully become one of the “go to” websites for American rugby fans.

With so many exciting developments in American rugby from the youth explosion to the Olympics to possible professional competitions, there will definitely not be a lack of content. TIAR has some big plans in the coming months and will be working hard to bring new and exciting content to the rugby community.

As for Rugby America, it isn’t going anywhere. I plan to continue to post here on a weekly basis, but most of the really great stuff will be found at TIAR. I will also continue to post on Twitter and Facebook as Rugby America and pretty much do all of the same stuff I have always done. The only big difference is that you will be finding many of my articles at TIAR.

I look forward to seeing what the future holds for This Is American Rugby. I hope that you will join me on this new adventure.


6 comments on “Keep Moving Forward

  1. MattD
    January 8, 2013

    Im a big fan of both sites/blogs, so this makes good sense. Good luck to you.

    Quick question though… Where will you be posting the eagerly awaited Pro 15’s interview? And of course… WHEN!!!???

  2. nicolas s
    January 8, 2013

    i began to fallow you around the time you started your secound attempt at a website. and have been fallowing ever since. ive enjoyed every article and like the fact that you respond back to all of us when ever we have a question or comment. this past year ive been also going to tiar quite offten to read stuff there to. im happy to see my two favorite places will be teaming up, and that youll still have this. you have inspired me to start my own blog, i know i wont get inerviews or breaking news but still it is something to share my thoughts on current events (rugby) and whats happening in my kneck of the woods. dont get me wrong i do like rugbymag and enjoy there podcasts. but i 100% support ,rugby america,TIAR, and A rugby life. congrats and good luck, hope it all works out. will for sure keep spreading the word of your articles and projects.

    and yes i also echo the last question from above!

    • RugbyAmerica
      January 8, 2013

      Thanks for the kind words. I really appreciate them and your support. Don’t sell yourself short on your blog. I started out in the same place five years ago. I remember averaging about 5-10 hits a day. Stick at it and you never know what will happen.

      As for the interview, we finished the pre-interview “interview” and we’re talking again early next week. I’m hoping to have the whole thing finished and published at TIAR by next Thursday or Friday.

  3. Robert
    January 9, 2013

    This is awesome!!! You guys are a perfect match.

  4. Shaun Shepard
    January 9, 2013

    I’ve been fallow RA since the first blog variation. I found TIAR about a year ago, and have been following his blog ever since. I agree this is fantastic news! As I said on TIAR… I can’t think of any better partnerships in the world of American rugby news. Also, my offer still stands to help with any graphics, branding or UI work that you (or TIAR) may need. I want to support and invest in the community… I’m a horrible writer though. 😉

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