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Allied Rugby Conference Has Eyes On Expansion

allied rugby conferenceCollege Station, TX – February 4, 2013 – The Allied Rugby Conference (ARC) invites applications for conference membership from any collegiate rugby club in Texas and the surrounding areas. Clubs may notify the ARC of interest at .

Applications for membership will be vetted by the T5½ Rugby Development Group, that provides professional management of the ARC. At the conclusion of the vetting process, T5½ will send the application to the ARC’s Conference Advisory Board (CAB) with a recommendation for acceptance or denial. The CAB will make the final decision to extend an invitation to the applying club to join the conference.

The deadline for application is February 28, 2013. Applications will be reviewed until March 15th. Notifications of invitation to join the conference, or denial of the application will be sent to applying clubs immediately after that date. Although submitting an application does not guarantee an invitation for membership will be extended, any club applying for membership that is denied by the CAB may request the reasons for denial.

What is the ARC looking for in a club? Foremost, clubs with an attitude that aligns with the ARC Mission Statement:

“To raise the standard of rugby within our region for all participants; players, coaches and referees. This conference intends to be the standard bearer for all other conferences and we will achieve this goal through high quality programs that will develop our players, coaches and referees; while employing a professional attitude towards marketability, exposure and sponsorships.”

Clubs should display a willingness to put rugby’s agenda first and to advance the state of the game within the conference. Additionally, applicant clubs should possess a competitive nature, a healthy CIPP roster, and a desire to play 7s rugby, as well as XVs. Finally, geography and fiduciary capability will be important factors to ensure that a club is within a reasonable distance and possesses the financial wherewithal to make all conference tournaments and matches.

Two weeks ago the ARC informed the Southwest Rugby Conference, the Lonestar Rugby Conference, and USA Rugby that an invitation to apply for membership would be extended to collegiate clubs in Texas and surrounding areas in an effort to promote understanding and avoid confusion about the process.

The ARC sends Renewal Agreements to its current member clubs on February 8th. Those agreements must be returned by February 25th. Thus, by March 15th, the complete make-up of the 2013-2014 Allied Rugby Conference will be determined.

Benefits of ARC membership include:

•A Conference Advisory Board and elected Commissioner ensuring the clubs have a direct voice in conference affairs.
•Resource sharing including a best practices manual for training, game preparation, event management, alumni and university relations.

•Fall 7’s schedule, Coach and Player Clinic and Championship Tournament
•Spring XV’s competition with a pathway to the USA Rugby National Championships
•Scheduling of post-season Bowl Games with surrounding Conferences

•A conference film-sharing program.

•Dedicated Conference Webpage to include team and player information, conference schedule, results, and college recruiting information
•Webcast of an ARC “Game of the Week”
•ARC Blog and Podcasts
•ARC Press Releases for campus and local media
•Annual Coaches Conference weekend
•Collaborative effort to bring in and retain sponsorships

•Referee Development Program to include film sharing and coach/player/referee feedback.
•Coach and player development events with well-established rugby coaching personalities..
•Competition in the USA Rugby Collegiate Division 1A.
•The ARC is sponsored by World Rugby Shop with discounts available for member clubs.

About the Allied Rugby Conference-
The Allied Rugby Conference (ARC) currently serves collegiate rugby clubs located in the southwest region of the United States. The ARC competes in the DI-A competition of USA Rugby. It’s motto is “Strength through Unity.” At the end of each season, the ARC will post a financial statement on its website for transparency.

About the T5½ Rugby Development Group-
The T5½ Rugby Development Group was founded in August of 2010 by Craig Coates and Johnny Smith in order to bring low cost, high quality services to rugby clubs throughout the region. Each and every service is specifically designed for the recipient club and its players. T5½ is a major sponsor of the ARC.


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