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Rugby America 2.0 or Is It 3.0?

by Ted Hardy

Despite a couple offers to take Rugby America off my hands, I have decided not to sell the site. Rugby America lives on, but it will be in a bit of a different form than what it has been the last 5-6 years. Years ago, I had an idea to turn the site into a rugby news aggregator, so I am going to explore that route and see where it leads. In the next few months I will be exploring different formats and ways to make it fit into the plans that I have. In the meantime, I am getting things started by posting RSS feeds all over the site.

The feeds will lean towards American based rugby news sites and blogs, but will not be exclusively American. I intend on picking a handful of popular world rugby sites as well.

While the feeds will be the focus of the site, I will also likely post a couple articles per month to supplement the feeds.

So, if you have an American based rugby blog or site that you want posted here, just email me at  with the link you your feed. The only thing I ask is that it be an active blog. By active, I mean at least some new content every month or two or three… kind of like me of late. 🙂



One comment on “Rugby America 2.0 or Is It 3.0?

  1. I am glad you are going to continue the site & getting American rugby news out there.

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This entry was posted on December 17, 2013 by in Rugby News.
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